NCERT Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Question Answers

NCERT Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Question Answers cover exercise questions in a precise and simplified way. NCERT Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Question Answers are easy to understand and learn for exams.

NCERT Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 Question Answers

1. Answer the following questions.

(i) Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?
: Resources are disturbed unequally over the earth because of the difference in the natural conditions and physical factors like terrain, climate, and altitude.

(ii) What is resource conservation?
: Using resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed is called resource conservation

(iii) Why are human resources important?
: Human resources are the people and people can make the best use of nature to create more resources when they have the knowledge, skill, and technology.

(iv) What is sustainable development?
: Balancing the use of resources and conserving them for the future is called sustainable development.

2. Tick the correct answer.

(i) Which one of the following does NOT make the substance a resource?
(a) utility
(b) value
(c) quantity

(ii) Which one of the following is a human-made resource?
(a) medicines to treat cancer
(b) spring water
(c) tropical forests

(iii) Complete the statement.
Non-renewable resources are
(a) those which have limited stock
(b) made by human beings
(c) derived from non-living things

3. Activity

“Rahiman paani raakhiye,
Bin paani sab soon.
Paani gaye na ubere
Moti, manus, choon…”
[Says Rahim, keep water, as without water there is nothing. Without water pearl, swan, and dough cannot exist.]

These lines were written by the poet Abdur Rahim Khankhana, one of the nine gems of Akbar’s court.
What kind of resource is the poet referring to?
Write in 100 words what would happen if this resource disappeared.

Answer: The poet is referring to water. It is one of the most important resources of life. It can be said to be one of the preconditions of life, like air. Firstly, water serves the most basic purpose of drinking, without which life is not possible. In the absence of water, one would be unable to clean clothes, and utensils, or even take a bath. Farmers depend on water for irrigation. Rainwater is so important for proper agriculture. Water is also used in cooking food. Nowadays water has proved to be a useful source of electricity. Besides human beings, plants require water for their growth. Water is also required for various industrial purposes in factories. In short, no form of life can go on without water.

4. For Fun
  1. Pretend that you live in prehistoric times on a high windy plateau. What are the uses you and your friends could put the fast winds to? Can you call the wind a resource?
    Now imagine that you are living in the same place in the year 2138. Can you put the winds to any use? How? Can you explain why the wind is an important resource now?
  2. Pick up a stone, a leaf, a paper straw, and a twig. Think of how you can use these as resources. See the example given below and get creative!
You can use a stoneUse/Utility
To play stapuToy
As a paper-weightTool
To crush spicesTool
To decorate your garden/roomDecoration Piece
To open a bottleTool
In a catapultWeapon
You can use a leafUse/Utility
For decorationdecoration piece
For medicine

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