NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Question Answers

NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Question Answers from Key Features of a Democratic Government. NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Question Answers are precise and easy to understand.

NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Question Answers

1. How would Maya’s life be different in South Africa today?
: Today, South Africa has a democratic government where everyone is now given equal status and rights. Everyone has equal access to public schools, hospitals, transport, etc.
Maya would be free to make her decisions and to express her opinions. She would be leading a better life than before.

2. What are the various ways in which people participate in the process of government?
: People can participate in the process of government in various ways:

(1) By choosing our leaders through voting:
These leaders will represent the people and work for the welfare of the people.

(2) By taking interest in the working of the Government
People can appreciate the work of the government if it is working well and people can criticize if the people are not happy with the result. People can hold rallies, dharnas, strikes, signature campaigns, etc.

(3) By participating in social movements
People can organize social movements to seek changes in the functioning of the government.

2. Why do you think we need the government to find solutions to many disputes or conflicts?
: Conflicts may arise between people, states, or countries. These conflicts can lead to violence. Maintaining law and order in the country is also the responsibility of the government. Our constitution gives the power to the government to enforce the laws in the interest of the people.

So we need a government that can resolve the conflicts and works for the welfare of the people.

3. What actions does the government take to ensure that all people are treated equally?
: The government ensures that the constitutional provisions are implied in the country. It makes laws and enforces them to abolish all sorts of discrimination.
It makes provisions:
> To provide equal facilities to all classes of people.
> To promote education among girls and economically backward.
> To provide equal opportunity of employment to everyone.

5. Read through the chapter and discuss some of the key ideas of a democratic government. Make a list. For example, all people are equal.
: Some of the key ideas of a democratic government are:
> Equality for all.
> Justice to all.
> Equal opportunities for all.
> No discrimination on any basis.
> Equal respect to all the religions (Secularism)

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